Speak-up Policy


Our values “See it, own it” and "Practice Radical Candor” apply in all our dealings within Katanox, and when we work with clients, partners and vendors.


We expect the highest ethical standards across our businesses, so there may be occasions where any of our colleagues wish to report suspected wrongdoing. The aim of this Policy is to provide mechanisms for reporting and investigating such concerns.

This Policy is to support:


This Policy applies to Katanox BV and to all subsidiaries in which it holds, directly or indirectly, a majority shareholding or exercises effective control, collectively called ‘Katanox’ or the ‘Company’.

This Policy also applies to all individuals working full time or part time at all levels within the Company, as well as those performing work for the Company such as agency workers, self-employed contractors, part-time and fixed-term workers, interns, collectively referred to as ‘employees’.



We encourage people to put their name to any reports they make, but if they prefer to remain anonymous their reports will still be taken seriously and investigated as far as possible. Note that anonymous reports may be more difficult to investigate, so we would encourage employees making reports to include as much factual information as possible.


We will treat, as far as is reasonably practical, all reports in a confidential and sensitive manner. The identity of the employee making the report will not be disclosed without explicit consent to anyone beyond the staff members who receive and follow up on the report. Although the identity of the reporter will be kept confidential, it is possible any investigation may uncover information that may be of concern as to the identity of the reporter.

False Allegations

No action will be taken against any individual making a report in good faith, even where the allegations are not confirmed by the subsequent investigation.